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A Better School

[Rainmaker] school doesn’t worry about awareness or interest or enrollments The concern for them is whether to reject applications or create wait lists A school that wants more enrollments simultaneously works on becoming a better […]

3 Years From Now

The Seed You’re Planting 3 years from now your future self is going to thank you. That task you’ve been toiling at everyday is going to have paid off — month over month. Growth is […]

School Leader Priorities

Your priorities today seldom carry long term importance. Urgencies from a year ago or even a month ago are gone. What’s deemed URGENT [many times] gets solved on it’s own, becomes something people learn to […]

Is your school easy to miss?

You know what makes your school unforgettable, unmistakable, unmissable, and unignorable? Omnipresence. Being everywhere (and nowhere) at the same time. Platforms like Facebook, and Google, and many others make it easy and [relatively] cheap to […]