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Is your school easy to miss?

You know what makes your school unforgettable, unmistakable, unmissable, and unignorable? Omnipresence. Being everywhere (and nowhere) at the same time. Platforms like Facebook, and Google, and many others make it easy and [relatively] cheap to […]

NO Marketing Is Good For Your School

You’ve already been beaten over the head about the importance of saying ‘no’ yet we rarely apply it outside our immediate circle. Are you truly able to say no to the newest / hottest marketing […]

#mySCHOOLisTHEbest #trustME……….

It’s so easy to say your school is the best (even easier when you don’t specify what you’re the best at specifically). What’s not easy is getting others to say your school is the best. […]

Be The Light

Omnipresence makes your school unforgettable, unmistakeable, and unignorable. Being everywhere and nowhere at the same time (like electricity). We automatically look for the light switch when we enter a room. We don’t see electricity but […]

If You Build It They Will Come

How well do you know your audience? Could you personify her? What are her interests? More importantly, what keeps her up at night staring at the ceiling not allowing her to sleep? If you don’t […]

Trick, Treat, or Something ELSE

It was Halloween yesterday and if you have a pulse you’ve been acutely made aware of it. It was everywhere — some even brought it to your front door. Literally. Impossible to ignore even if […]