Sharing the Power: How to Give Your Digital Marketer Access to Your Mailchimp Account

Managing a successful email marketing campaign requires skill, dedication, and sometimes, a little help from a digital marketer. If you’re looking to give someone access to your MailChimp account but are unsure of the steps involved, I have prepared a comprehensive guide to walk you through the process (here’s a poorly translated version in Spanish).

1. Assess the Level of Access Required

Before sharing your MailChimp account, it’s essential to understand the various user levels and permissions available. MailChimp offers four types of access levels:

  1. Viewer: Can view reports and campaigns but can’t edit.
  2. Author: Can create and edit campaigns but can’t send them.
  3. Manager: Can access and manage most of the account features except billing.
  4. Admin: Has full access to all features and settings, including billing.

2. Invite Users to Your MailChimp Account

Follow the step-by-step process below to give someone access to your MailChimp account:

Step 1: Login to Your Account
Login to your MailChimp account and navigate to your account settings. You can do this by clicking on your profile name located at the bottom left corner of the dashboard and selecting ‘Account.’

Step 2: Access Settings
From the account settings menu, click on the ‘Settings’ dropdown and select ‘Users & permissions.’ This section allows you to manage who has access to your MailChimp account.

Step 3: Invite User
Click the ‘Invite A User’ button located at the upper right corner. You’ll be prompted to enter the email address of the person you wish to invite.

Step 4: Assign Access Level
Select the appropriate level of access for the user from the dropdown menu. Be sure to review the permissions associated with each level of access to ensure you’re granting the appropriate permissions.

Step 5: Send Invitation
Once you’ve inputted the email address and selected the access level, click on the ‘Send Invite’ button. The user will receive an email invitation to access your MailChimp account.

3. Accepting the Invitation

The invited user will need to accept the invitation to access your account. They should check their email inbox for an invitation from MailChimp and follow the instructions outlined in the email to gain access.

4. Review and Manage Account Access

It’s always good practice to periodically review the users who have access to your MailChimp account. You can easily manage, modify, or revoke access from the ‘Users & permissions’ section under account settings.


Collaboration is key to the success of any email marketing campaign. By giving someone access to your MailChimp account, you’re harnessing the power of teamwork, allowing for a streamlined and effective campaign management process. Always ensure you grant the appropriate level of access and review permissions periodically to maintain security and efficiency in your email marketing initiatives.

Are there any specific features or tips you’d like to know more about in managing your MailChimp account? Feel free to drop your questions or suggestions in the comment section below! Happy emailing!

Note: Always remember to follow best practices for security and privacy when sharing access to your digital accounts.