QUESTION: Why Are Digital Marketing Services So Expensive?

Why SEO Is So Expensive

A Realtor from Miami Beach recently wrote to me asking why my services were so expensive… which was a surprise because from time to time I do competitive research and I found my pricing to be inline with the lower end agencies yet the results and the products and services, very much inline with the higher end expensive marketing agencies that don’t even take on smaller entities like individual real estate brokers.

That said, I don’t base my pricing based on what others are charging and I consider all my marketing solutions and digital services priced fairly and very competitively, none-the-less.

When I create a marketing solution, I always focus on 3 things.

    1. Am I solving a real problem that’s holding people back from growing their business?

    2. Can I make it affordable for every kind of business to participate?

    3. Will the end product be profitable for the both me and the user?

I know this is a pretty generic response and I’m happy to speak on a specific service or solution further if anyone would like (contact me), but overall, this is how my pricing strategy works and it’s worked out very well in the long term for both me and many clients.

I believe the reason it’s worked out so well is because if a product is thought to be overpriced, people simply won’t purchase it and if there’s no demand, I simply won’t take up valuable time, space, or money promoting the service.

To date, I’ve had only a few solutions “pulled” from my offerings list and it’s always been because I wasn’t charging enough or because I found ways to automate parts of the process so I could offer the service even more affordably.

To summarize, my pricing is [non-intentionally] on the lower end of the pricing spectrum (closer to what you’d expect to pay from a marketing company or advertising service that’s just starting out and needs to hone their skills) and even though I could charge 3-4X more, I chose to keep my solutions affordable for every kind of business.

If you have questions specific to any individual product or service I offer, feel free to ask in the comments below contact me.

If instead you want to see what I have to offer, I suggest you contact me so I can see what we’re working with and let you know if we’re a good fit for working together and if so, how I can help you grow your business / brand.

All the best,