#1 Free Online Business Listing Sites (The Best Online Directories For Ranking On Google Maps)

FREE Online Business Listing Sites for Ranking on Google Maps

Because 85% of customers use the internet to find a local business listing, having yours listed on a local business directory is a must.

In this quick and easy post, I compiled together a list of the most important top business directories in USA.

1. Google My Business (GMB)

It [should] go without saying that if you want to come up on Google searches, you need to be on one of the most important online local business directories (wHiCh HaPpEnS tO bE theirs).

If you’re wondering just how important Google My Business is, I can tell you that I personally know of MANY successful businesses (mostly local) that do extremely well only with basic Google My Business SEO (creating a profile using their best keywords, uploading lots of great pics, posting regularly, and responding to reviews when they come in).

The reason Google My Business is #1 on this list is because with the right keywords, your business is guaranteed to be seen both ranking on Google maps, in local searches, and even on regular broad searches (right there by the PAID ads).

If you want a dramatic increase in local traffic, more exposure, enhanced brand credibility, and valuable insight on how customers search for you, Google My Business is a no-brainer!

2. Yelp For Business

This is a love-hate relationship for me.

I don’t like Yelp because because they spam users and even worse, they trick you into believing you need their paid services.

That said, create a FREE listing then unsubscribe from Yelp emails.

In truth, millions of customers turn to Yelp for information on restaurants, stores, and home services so not being there just doesn’t make sense.

If your business falls in any one of these categories, Yelp is definitely a platform you should be listed on – just try not to fall for any of their paid advertising scams (they’ll repackage and reword and reprice the same crappy offer so it looks affordable / tempting but trust me, it’s no bueno).

You’ve been warned!

3. Facebook

Sure, the “kids” don’t use Facebook like they used to but lots of people that buy stuff still do.

Unless you cater specifically to teens and not their parents (and even then, there’s still ANOTHER GREAT REASON your business should be listed on Facebook), this is another no-brainer.

Facebook is the social platform with over 2.7 billion ACTIVE users.

Facebook owns Instagram (and WhatsApp as well as some other lesser known platforms / technologies) and tends to cross-channel content from time to time which extends your reach to more potential customers you could be reaching.

Having an active Facebook page is an important marker Google uses to determine how well you’ll rank for keywords… or if at all!

If you haven’t already created a business page on Facebook, do it.

It’s free and it’s a highly lucrative channel for engaging new customers and growing your business.

4. Better Business Bureau (BBB)

I added this one because it’s a mostly overlooked resource that many people still use and there’s years of credibility that you can associate your brand to (especially useful if you’re newer in town or recently changed management and trying to improve a negative reputation).

Many customers turn to the Better Business Bureau to check the authenticity of a local business.

Why do I like it?

Listing yourself is free.

It can sway opinions and get customers into your store or website.

It’s especially beneficial if you cater to an older people.

Its an extra spot on the Google search listings that you can “own” when people search for reviews or your brand (that could otherwise be taken by a competitor or an old bad review).

If you’re not currently ranking on Google maps or on local searches for the products and services you sell, it’s likely because you aren’t listed on the directories above.

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