What is OMID in digital advertising?

OMID stands for Open Measurement Interface Definition and is a standard developed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) to measure and verify viewability and other key metrics in digital advertising.

OMID provides a consistent way for advertisers, publishers, and ad verification vendors to measure viewability and other metrics across different platforms and devices.

This standard is intended to make it easier for advertisers to verify that their ads are being seen by real users and are not being displayed in fraudulent or non-viewable environments.

Some examples of how OMID is used in digital advertising include:

Viewability measurement

OMID allows advertisers and publishers to measure the viewability of their ads across different platforms and devices, using consistent metrics and methodologies. This helps to ensure that advertisers are only paying for ad impressions that are actually viewable by users.

Fraud detection

OMID can also be used to detect ad fraud by measuring whether ads are being displayed in non-human traffic or bot traffic environments. This helps to prevent advertisers from paying for ad impressions that are not being seen by real users.

Ad verification

OMID enables third-party verification vendors to measure and verify ad performance across different platforms and devices, providing advertisers with independent verification of their ad placements and metrics.


Bottom line, OMID is an important standard in digital advertising that helps to improve transparency, accountability, and performance across the digital advertising ecosystem.