Author: Ivan Jimenez

Ivan is a professional advertiser and digital content marketer for some famous household brands as well as many smaller enterprises you've never heard of—unless you're in their audience segment. When Ivan is not running ad campaigns, he's helping people get more customers with bespoke interactive chatbots (i.e., virtual assistants for your website that turn prospects into paying customers).

La Importancia de Aprovechar Customer Match en Google Ads

Este documento detalla los beneficios de subir las direcciones de correo electrónico de tus clientes a Google Ads para la publicidad dirigida, retención de clientes, expansión de tu base de clientes a través de audiencias similares, y la mejora del ROI. Destaca la importancia del consentimiento y el cumplimiento de la privacidad, y cómo estas prácticas pueden informar tu estrategia de marketing y decisiones basadas en datos.

Why You Should Care About Google Allowing You to Upload Your Customers’ Email Addresses into Your Google Ads to “Improve Your Campaign Performance”

This document outlines the benefits of uploading your clients’ email addresses to Google Ads for targeted advertising, customer retention, expanding your customer base through lookalike audiences, and improving ROI. It emphasizes the importance of consent and privacy compliance, and how these practices can inform your marketing strategy and data-driven decisions.

What is co-viewing in digital advertising?

Co-viewing in digital advertising refers to situations where digital ads are viewed by multiple people simultaneously. This concept is gaining traction particularly with the rise of streaming services and smart TVs. Here’s a detailed look […]

Professional Advertising for Big Brands

Professional advertising for big brands, especially in the context of digital advertising campaigns, is a vast and multifaceted field. Here’s an overview of key aspects to consider: Understanding the Brand and Market Before any campaign, […]