Tag: Brand safety

Brand safety refers to the measures taken by advertisers and publishers to ensure that their brand is not associated with or shown next to inappropriate or harmful content.

With the rise of programmatic advertising and the increasing amount of user-generated content on the internet, there is much a greater risk that ads will appear next to content that is offensive, violent, or harmful to a brand’s reputation.

Brand safety measures typically include using technology (AdTech) to scan content and prevent ads from appearing next to inappropriate or harmful content.

This can include blocking certain websites or categories of content, as well as using keyword targeting to prevent ads from appearing next to specific terms or phrases.

Additionally, human review is often employed to further ensure that ad placements are appropriate and align with a brand’s values.

Ensuring brand safety is essential for maintaining a brand’s reputation and avoiding any negative impact that may arise from associating with inappropriate content.

Ultimately, advertisers AND publishers have to work together to prioritize brand safety and implement measures to ensure that ads are only placed in appropriate and relevant contexts.