Explain to me what uncapped impressions are in digital advertising like I’m 11-years-old.

In digital advertising, an “impression” is like a high-five that an ad gets every time it shows up on someone’s screen. The more high-fives the ad gets, the more people see it.

“Uncapped” impressions mean that the ad can get as many high-fives as it wants, without anyone stopping it. It’s like the ad is getting all the high-fives it can, without any limits.

It’s good for you if you’re an advertiser who wants to show your ad to as many people as possible but it’s important to be careful because showing an ad too many times can make people bored or annoyed with it (like someone annoyingly asking for a high-five over and over again).

It can be fun at first, but if you do it too much, it gets kind of annoying.