What is a Medium-Tail Keyword?

A medium tail keyword is a keyword that is more specific than a short tail keyword but less specific than a long tail keyword.

It typically contains 2-3 words and has moderate search volume and competition.

For example, if “running shoes” is a short tail keyword, “women’s running shoes” is a medium tail keyword, and “women’s Nike running shoes” is a long tail keyword.

The short tail keyword is very broad and can result in a lot of irrelevant search results, while the long tail keyword is very specific and may have lower search volume.

The medium tail keyword is a good balance between the two, offering more specific search results while still having a decent search volume and competition level.

Medium tail keywords are often used in SEO and PPC advertising campaigns as they can help target a specific audience and generate more qualified traffic to your website.

They can also help you rank higher in search results for more specific queries and improve your overall search engine visibility.