Optimizing Google Ads for Pet Hotel Success: A Case Study

Introduction to the Case Study

Background of the Pet Hotel

This case study focuses on a mid-sized pet hotel specializing in doggy daycare and overnight lodging in a competitive urban area. The business aimed to increase bookings and attract new customers through targeted Google Ads campaigns.

Initial Challenges

The pet hotel faced several challenges, including low online visibility, a high cost per click (CPC) in their Google Ads, and difficulty converting website visits into bookings.

Strategic Google Ad Optimization

Keyword Optimization

Initially, the pet hotel used broad keywords like “pet care” and “dog boarding,” which were costly and inefficient. By switching to more specific keywords such as “doggy daycare in Miami” and “overnight dog lodging near me,” they reduced competition and improved ad relevance.

Further including neighborhoods in keywords like “Little River”, “Buena Vista”, “Morningside”, etc. also helped reduce costs further and made the ads hyper-relevant (and no one was using these keywords so there was literally -0- competition).

Ad Copy Refinement

We revised the ad copy to highlight unique selling propositions, such as “24/7 on-site care” and “first booking discount” and “on-site grooming and puppy training”. Each ad included a strong call to action, like “Book a visit today!”

Targeting and Retargeting

The campaign was restructured to target pet owners within a 10-mile radius of the facility, focusing on demographics likely to require pet care services. Retargeting ads were also implemented to re-engage visitors who did not make a reservation on their first visit.

Landing Page Enhancements

The pet hotel’s landing page was optimized for conversions, featuring customer testimonials, a virtual tour of the facility, and an easy-to-use booking form prominently displayed.

Results and Impact

Performance Metrics

After implementing these changes, the pet hotel saw a 40% increase in ad click-through rates and ultimately, a major increase in bookings. The cost per acquisition (CPA) decreased by over 250%, making the campaign more cost-effective.

Customer Feedback

Feedback from new customers indicated that the detailed ad descriptions and the informative landing page helped them feel more confident in their choice to book services.


This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of strategic Google ad optimization for pet hotel owners looking to increase visibility and bookings. By focusing on specific keywords, refining ad copy, and enhancing landing pages, it is possible to significantly improve the performance of Google Ads campaigns.

If you are looking to enhance your pet hotel’s online advertising strategy, I am here to help. Contact me for a free consultation to start improving your Google ads campaigns.