Why Be a One-Trick Pony When You Can Join the Circus?

sad and emotional one trick pony

How to Make Your Business the Cool Kid on the Block

Imagine that marketing is like trying to be popular in school, but instead of school, it’s the real world, and instead of popularity, it’s your business’s survival. Sounds fun, right? Let’s jump right into how to make your business the one everyone wants to hang out with without making your brain hurt from “marketing speak”.

Why Be a One-Trick Pony When You Can Join the Circus?

First off, using just one marketing trick is like trying to play a video game with the controller unplugged. Sure, you’re going through the motions, but nothing’s happening.

Let’s plug in and play the game with a full set of tactics.

Chatting Up Your Customers One-on-One

Ever wish you could just ask people to like your business without making it awkward?

Well, one-on-one outreach is like sliding into your customers’ DMs with the charm of a 90s sitcom star. “Hey, remember how awesome we are? Talk to us!”

Social Media: The New Billboard

Posting on social media is less like shouting into the void and more like pinning your message on a billboard.

Except now the billboard is smart, and sometimes you pay a little extra to make sure everyone that passes by sees your message.

Growing Social Media Without Bribing Your Followers

Organic growth on social media is like convincing people to be friends because you’re actually cool, not because you’re paying them.

It takes time, but those friendships are the ones that bring value.

Google: The Cool Kids’ Table

SEO is your ticket to sitting at the cool kids’ table, aka the first page of Google.

And with voice search, it’s like making sure Google knows you’re cool enough to hang out with Siri, Alexa, and the gang.

Local SEO, on the other hand, ensures the neighbors know you’re the go-to spot in town.

Link Building: The Friendship Bracelets of the Internet

Think of link building as the digital equivalent of popularity.

The more sites that link to you, the more popular you get.

Just make sure you’re getting links from the cool kids and not the sketchy ones (because that will do more harm than good).

Blogging: Because Everyone Loves a Good Story

Blogging is like being that kid who always has the best stories.

Keep it interesting, and pretty soon, everyone’s coming to you for industry insights, help, etc.

Using Google Ads is like having a megaphone at a pep rally.

It helps make sure your message is heard above the noise, especially if you’re willing to spend a bit more than the other guy.

Map Listings: Don’t Get Lost on the Way to the Party

Being on Google Maps and other GPS services is like making sure everyone knows where your house is for the houseparty.

You don’t want them to end up at your competitor’s place because they got lost following Apple Maps to nowhere.

Mixing the Marketing Potion

Combining all these tactics is like mixing a potion.

Get it right, and you’ve got the magic for success.

Mess it up, and well, let’s just hope your business doesn’t grow a tail.

The Report Card

Just like in school, you need to check your report card to see how you’re doing.

In the business world, that means looking at your marketing results.

If something’s not working, it’s time to hit the books (or the marketing plan) and study up.

Wrap-Up: Be the Business Everyone Wants to Be Friends With

Remember, even the cool kids have to do their homework so keep an eye out for what works and adjust as you go and you’ll end up with a business that’s not just surviving, but thriving.