8 Easy Rules For Successfully Promoting A School

How To Promote Your School 101 – important rules to work by

  1. Why is more important than how.

    We all know how to get traffic to a website (the easiest way is to just buy it from Google Ads), but really understanding and being fully conscience of why will make it worthwhile. Why do you want to get traffic to your website? Do you just want anyone going to your website or are you interested in a specific audience (i.e., qualified families for enrollment)? Why do you want these people to go to your school’s website? Is there something you want to tell them?

  2. One day at a time.

    Successful schools didn’t get to where they’re at overnight and you aren’t going to get your school there overnight either. This is a step by step, inch by inch, process. If you do 5 things, one thing at a time each day, each month you’ll have done 150 things to help promote your school and by the end of the year, that number jumps to nearly 2,000. Now imagine if you recruited a few people to do 5 more things… Lasting marketing success is built steadily and consistently one day at a time. Do something every day and you’ll be amazed by the outcome.

  3. This is not a race.

    School owners and administrators everywhere will want to kill me for this one but slow and steady promotion is more sustainable than fast and furious advertising. Just because you read about a school who found success overnight doesn’t mean it really happened overnight. Business isn’t linear. Every overnight success started with slow and steady work (even if they won’t admit it) until one day they were able to reap all that they’ve sowed. Drop the competing and comparing and make this an adventure (not a race). Persistence and consistency will serve you better than speed and stress.

  4. If everything matters, nothing matters.

    In some stages of promoting your school you may feel like everything is important and that it all has a place and you should be paying attention to it all. Remind yourself that if everything matters, nothing matters. It can’t all get your attention and budget. Doing one thing really great (like dominating your space on Google or killing it on Facebook) is far better than being okay everywhere (many schools have a Google My Business profile but barely rank for anything important and they have a profile on every major social media platform but no one cares). When you let go of what doesn’t matter you can give more of yourself to what does.

  5. Keep your eyes on your own doings.

    If you’re worried about how you will promote your school while some colleagues couldn’t care less, come back to your own stuff. We’re not aiming for overnight success and as people start seeing your progress, they start to have more appreciation for what you’re doing and they fall into place (either on their own or because you start to get some unexpected help from others). Demonstrate your desire to promote your school by doing the work every day persistently.

  6. Small progress is still progress.

    Always celebrate the baby steps and the small wins. Don’t just wait until the end. This is easy to overlook but so very important.

  7. Less school promotion is far from no school promotion.

    No one said you had to stop all your promotional efforts. You decide what’s important for your school and you put on blinders to the rest. Keep the initiatives that bring in results (see #1 above) and the stuff you enjoy provided they also bring in results and put on blinders to all the rest. When something doesn’t add value anymore, let it go. When you stop enjoying a task or it becomes inefficient to do it yourself, delegate it or hire it out!

  8. Holding on is harder than letting go.

    Ever hear someone justify something with “this is how it’s always been done” or “this is what you do”? Don’t be that person. Letting go of something that doesn’t work or isn’t measurable may feel hard but holding on is harder (and frankly, irresponsible). Holding on means paying with your money, time, attention, and emotion. You only have to let go once &em; and then you’re able to focus on more important things.

Follow these eight simple rules and you’ll be well on your way to reaching your enrollment goals.

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All the best!