Author: Ivan Jimenez

Ivan is a professional digital marketer and advertiser.

He helps small brands and service providersmarketing managers, and big famous brands run hyper-successful ad campaigns (across multiple formats) targeting lots of diverse audiences (ex.) to meet specific goals like brand awareness, more sales, leads, etc. He's got lots of thoughts on the state of marketing and is deeply committed to all areas of optimization—and has no problem showing you where the massive holes are in your own campaigns! Contact Ivan if you’d like him to take a look at your campaigns.
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European Regulators Announce Probes Against Google, Apple, and Meta (the 1st set of investigations under the European Union’s Digital Markets Act Antitrust Law)

The European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) and the Digital Services Act (DSA) signify major regulatory shifts that are likely to have global repercussions, affecting not only how tech giants operate but also how digital advertising and marketing practices are conducted worldwide, including in the US. Brand marketers and advertisers in the US should prepare for a landscape where transparency, data privacy, and ethical advertising practices become more prevalent.