Write for me (submit a guest post)

Do you have a story to tell or something to share that me or my audience could appreciate?

If you’ve followed me for awhile, you probably know I recommend guest positing to people looking for ways to quickly get themselves in front of more people and / or for those looking to tap into the authority of other people / brands.

That said, you can do the same right here on this website.

I’m looking for guest posts that provide my readers with points of view that offer a wider perspective on the topics already here.

If interested, read the following guidelines and rules.

Guest post guidelines

800 word minimum


Divide your content into simple clear paragraphs (because it presents your content more clearly to others); if I need to do it for you, it’ll affect how quickly, or if at all, your post is published

Links are allowed as long as they’re relevant and necessary but be aware that I reserve the right to make final decision on whether or not a link is useful to my audience

You can include include images / video / etc. in your post if they’re necessary but remember I skew minimalist so if your media is detracting from the message or doesn’t make for a good experience, I won’t include it; also, it’s assumed you have permission and are giving me permission to post anything you submit

Publishing rules

Be transparent
Be transparent about who you are, who you work for, and how you know what you know; readers need to know your relationship to the topic you’re writing about

Be unique
This one is self-explanatory; the content and the perspective should be your own

Be relevant
I only accept guest post requests from people who are genuinely interested in the topics I write about and who already follow me; because my interests are broad, there’s a good chance your post will be accepted if it’s well-written and interesting, even if it’s a little outside the topics I typically post about

Edit yourself
Always check spelling and grammar before submitting articles; the trick for getting others to want to promote you [regularly even] to their audience is to make it super easy, and a no-brainer, to share your content (no one wants extra work)

Bonus #1
Include a link to another area of this site; for example, if you’re referring to a previous article on this site, include a link to the page in your post; not only is this a gesture of goodwill, but it also lets me and the reader know you’re familiar with the conversation which goes a long way in building your own credibility within the community — also, it helps your post’s SEO and authority and shows you went the extra mile to make the post valuable for the site

Bonus #2
Promote the post by sharing a link on your social profiles (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

What type of posts will get flat out rejected?

Advertorials, link building schemes, and anything overtly promotional (I chose educational over promotional) or offensive and inaccurate.

In short, the post should be thought-provoking, mind-changing, inspiring, interesting, and / or entertaining.

The reader should want to subscribe to your mailing list or blog after reading what you wrote.

Ask yourself the following before writing your post:

Is this the best post on this topic / opinion?

Is there an obvious benefit for the reader that inspires action?

Would I post this on my own blog?

Am I being relevant to the audience I’m posting to?

All submissions are subject to approval and I reserve the right to make changes at any time, both prior to posting and after it goes live (this includes text, images, media, links, and so on)

If submissions require too much editing, we may not post it.

If you’re in agreement with all of the above, then go ahead and send me your guest post.

All the best,