Tag: programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is the fully automated data-driven way of media buying and selling ad space on websites.

Through algorithms and machine learning, brands have the ability to show the right ad to the right customer in real time.

Programmatic advertising transformed the way brands buy and sell ad space. It replaced the traditional, manual process involving RFPs, negotiations, contracts, time, and financial resources.

Most dramatically, it made it possible to measure the ROI of ad campaigns in real time.

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What is a DSP?

DSP stands for Demand Side Platform. A DSP is a software platform that enables advertisers and agencies to buy digital ad inventory from multiple sources through a single interface. The primary function of a DSP […]

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What is an SSP?

SSP stands for Supply Side Platform. An SSP is a software platform that helps digital publishers and app developers sell their ad inventory (i.e., the available advertising space on their websites or apps) to advertisers […]