AdRoll is a digital marketing platform that offers a range of services, including retargeting and prospecting.

Here are some reasons why you should consider using AdRoll, along with case studies from big brands and personal brands:

Retargeting capabilities:

AdRoll’s retargeting capabilities allow you to display ads to people who have previously interacted with your brand, such as by visiting your website or adding items to their cart.

This can help increase brand awareness and drive sales.

According to AdRoll, retargeted ads can lead to a 10x increase in click-through rates and a 70% increase in conversion rates compared to non-retargeted ads.

CASE STUDY: Online retailer ShoeMint saw a 28% increase in conversions using AdRoll’s retargeting services. By targeting shoppers who had abandoned their carts, ShoeMint was able to drive more sales and increase ROI.

Prospecting services:

AdRoll’s prospecting services allow you to target new audiences who are similar to your existing customers.

This can help expand your reach and drive new business.

CASE STUDY: Online retailer Bluefly saw a 12x increase in return on ad spend using AdRoll’s prospecting services. By targeting new audiences who were similar to its existing customers, Bluefly was able to increase sales and grow its customer base.

Case studies from big brands

AdRoll has worked with a range of big brands across industries, including HP, Bose, and Heineken.

These case studies showcase the effectiveness of AdRoll’s services and demonstrate how they can be used to achieve business goals.

CASE STUDY: HP saw a 50% increase in website visits and a 38% increase in sales using AdRoll’s prospecting services. By targeting new audiences who were interested in HP’s products, the company was able to drive more traffic to its website and increase sales.

Case studies from personal brands

AdRoll can also be effective for personal brands and small businesses.

By using AdRoll’s targeting capabilities, personal brands can reach new audiences and increase brand awareness.

CASE STUDY: Blogger Breanna Rose used AdRoll to promote her online shop, which sells digital products such as planners and printables. AdRoll helped her reach a wider audience and increase sales for her shop.

Overall, AdRoll’s retargeting capabilities can be particularly effective for businesses looking to increase sales and ROI.

By targeting people who have already interacted with your brand, you can increase the likelihood of conversion and drive more sales.

Additionally, AdRoll’s case studies showcase the effectiveness of its services for both big brands and personal brands, making it a platform worth considering for businesses of all sizes.

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