accessiBe Overview

accessiBe is an AI-powered, automated web accessibility solution designed to make websites ADA and WCAG 2.1 compliant within 48 hours. It aims to make the internet accessible to people with disabilities by providing affordable and business-friendly web accessibility solutions.

The tool combines two applications:

  1. An accessibility interface for UI and design element adjustments; a background application using AI for screen-reader; and
  2. Keyboard navigation optimization (source)

Company Background

Founded in 2018, accessiBe has grown rapidly, with significant funding and a broad range of clients including small businesses and industry leaders. It has a global reach and is actively using advanced technologies for its website (source).


  • Easy to install and use, taking just two minutes for implementation
  • Offers ADA compliance, an accessibility statement, and certification
  • Also provides ongoing scans and fixes for websites
  • accessiBe offers a 7-day free trial, making it a low-risk option for businesses to try


  • Additional costs may be incurred for ensuring videos and PDFs meet accessibility standards (source)

User Experience

Users like HostAdvice have had positive experiences, praising accessiBe for its ease of use and effectiveness. They note that the service offers the same benefits regardless of website size (source).

Global Ranking and Usage

accessiBe ranks 246,876 globally based on monthly web visitors, with the most visits coming from the US, China, Canada, UAE, and the UK (source).


I’d have liked to include diverse user experiences and opinions, but that said, I couldn’t find more critical perspectives or user reviews. Moreover, I’ve been using their service on my site as well as a handful of client sites, and I haven’t experienced a single issue.

The closest thing I’ve gotten from one client is that it was too expensive but honestly, for what you’re getting, I’ve yet to find a more affordable solution that can not only give your brand extended reach into new markets, but also protects you from legal issues (which can get very expensive, very fast).

accessiBe gets 5 STARS ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐