About me (in 2 seconds)

I’m a professional advertiser and digital marketer.

I manage campaigns and buy media for some of the most successful brands in the world (see below) and I also ghost-write copy for local businesses—you can buy my services here.

In a nutshell, I help people / brands get noticed.

“Before I hired Ivan, I was confused and frustrated about our website content redesign, SEO, and [Google Ads]. I knew we had to do it, but I didn’t know where to begin. He is the only outside consultant we use for web development and SEO now. Ivan’s insights and creativity are A+, he collaborates well with all departments, and I like sending jobs to him because I never have to worry about any task Ivan is handling for us.”
—Sherry M., COO

Who I work with

On the advertising side, I work mostly with agencies and brand managers (see this case study).

On the content marketing side, I usually work directly with agencies, marketing managers, media publishers, do-it-yourself marketers, and business owners (see these case studies).

Many of my customers use me as their ghost writer / advertiser white label marketer (see White Label Marketing: What it is and why it’s helpful).

For examples of my work, click Examples Of My Work.

To see my full list of marketing services and pricing, click Marketing Services & Pricing.

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You can always DM me but the very best way to contact me is through my Linktr.ee page if you want a quicker response.