QUESTION: Why I Started My Own Online Marketing Company

I’d need to share a backstory for this one and that’ll take awhile so here’s the short answer:

    It’s because I wanted to help people in situations similar to mine where I had a small business (with a great product / service / idea), knew I needed to market and advertise myself, but A) couldn’t afford the ridiculous prices agencies were charging for traditional marketing and advertising services; and B) wouldn’t accept that even if I could afford them, I’d be getting something so inefficient with no accountability and as far as I could see, no quantifiable results until you spent hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Later on as Internet Marketing transitioned to Online Marketing (which included SEM and other forms of online advertising) and then split into Digital Advertising and Digital Marketing, we got A LOT more accountability but a lot of small and medium sized business owners ended up in the same situation I was in because again, while they couldn’t afford to not do Digital Marketing & Advertising, many couldn’t afford to do it either.

    I felt that no one should suffer because they didn’t know how to promote themselves online.

    Also, I knew that I could build a sustainable and profitable marketing / advertising company providing quality solutions at a fair and affordable price.

I felt that no one should suffer because they didn’t know how to promote themselves online.

Truthfully, I’d like to grow my coaching services to the point where it’s less of a “helping people” kind of business, that’s dependent on me and what I can do with my time, and more of a self-sustainable machine that can help everybody that needs it and offer smarter tech that can make anyone a professional marketer / advertiser in minutes.

For now though, I’m grateful to be working with the big brands (I’m constantly learning more about scale and large-format optimization where small tweaks make huge sweeping changes) as well as the smaller businesses where I’m forced to “really get into the weeds” and test out all the levers because small tweaks aren’t going to cut it on small-scale campaigns.

At the end of the day, I’m realizing 2 hugely important things as I write this response:

  1. I do this because I’m [weirdly] into advertising and marketing and the efficiency of “online” has brought is very interesting to me so if I can keep “studying” it and get paid at the same time, it’s a win-win.
  2. I also do this because I’m trying to help the version of myself from 2001-ish that really needed the help.

Hope this all was helpful.