White Label Marketing: What it is and how to use it

It is possible that you have heard of white label marketing before. But what does it really mean?

White label marketing, in short, is a form of outsourcing that allows you to hire another company to execute a marketing campaign for your clients (or yourself).

All products, from website design to social posts to email newsletters, are then branded with your (or your client’s) name and logo.

White label marketing is a great way for marketing consultants and ad agencies to expand their reach without the need to hire additional staff as you can feel confident knowing that your campaigns are being executed by never-to-be-seen professionals.

For a complete overview of white label marketing, keep reading…

What is white labeling?

White labeling refers to branding products with your company’s logo and name instead of the manufacturer’s.

This means a product is manufactured by one company, then packaged and sold another.

It looks as though the product was manufactured by the person who sells it.

What is the difference between private and white label?

White label products can be described as generic products that are sold at multiple retailers who brand the product and price it for their target market.

Private label products however, are only sold through one retailer. They are more customizable and therefore more expensive.

Private labelling is best suited when you have a product and you want to establish a distinct brand identity.

When it comes to services, and specifically advertising and marketing, you can’t really distinguish white label marketing / advertising services from private label marketing / advertising services because by their nature, the services will all be customized for individual customers and designed to reach specific goals.

Are there benefits to using private label advertising or white label marketing services?

For a lot of people, yes.

Using a white label marketer is a highly efficient (and profitable) way to help your clients grow without the need to hire extra staff.

These behind-the-scenes professional marketers offer a wide range of marketing support throughout your campaigns including strategy, development, implementation, QA, implementation, and even answering clients’ questions when they come up.

You have an extensive knowledgebase, get all the credit, won’t have to do the actual work, and never lose touch with the client… all while creating margins that work for you and your clients.

1. Cost savings

Your most obvious benefit of outsourcing is the fact that you will save money.

White label providers will be taking care of your clients without you having to invest in an in-house team with all its associated hassles, liabilities, and costs.

It goes without saying that you’re getting expert-level assistance for a fraction of the cost (oftentimes even less than an entry level associate).

2. Increased focus

Using a white label marketer lets you delegate tasks to an expert who is 100% focused on what they’re doing and not having to worry about a million different things, freeing you up to make better use of your time—and do more impactful things that you actually enjoy or are actually good at.

Another benefit that you probably won’t think about in the beginning but will definitely notice as time goes on, is that using a white label marketer will start to establish your company’s identity as a strong brand / authority in your space with consistency.

This will make it easier for customers and prospects to recognize your brand through “your work”.

3. Expertise

Partnering with an experienced professional marketer / advertiser means you have access to their expert team who will provide guidance and support throughout the process (many times even acting as a sounding board for ideas).

They will assist you in achieving your marketing goals, from creating strategies to executing campaigns and even fielding questions from on-the-fence prospects.

They can also offer valuable feedback and insight that will help you refine your approach.

4. Scalability

Like a lot of businesses, you’re having some difficulty choosing the right mix of activities to generate leads and sales.

Most businesses in that situation invest in one or two channels, and then see their results stagnate or decline.

Scalability is the solution to this problem.

Scalability, by definition, is the ability to expand or decrease the business operations in response to changing market conditions.

It’s a characteristic of marketing that allows you to rapidly scale up or decrease your marketing activities to adapt to changing market conditions.

Without a doubt, white label digital marketing services are the best solution when you need more scale.

One of the greatest benefits of outsourcing white labelled marketing and advertising services is that you aren’t tied down to anything.

You’re able to pivot and adjust as needed.

Not only with tactics and strategy, but also with the level of service you’re getting.

Unlike having an in-house team dedicated to all the different aspects of your marketing activities, it’s so easy to shift and scale people and efforts inline with your real-time business goals when you’re leveraging outsourced experts who are committed but not dependent on stale and expired goals.

5. Get the most recent tools and technology

Partnering with an experienced advertising / marketing professional gets you access to the best of the best when it comes to platforms, tools, and technology.

Remember, when you hire an expert, you’re not only getting what they know, you’re also getting who they know and all the experiences that got them to where they’re at (arguably the biggest factor in choosing to hire white label / private label versus in-house).

This can help you gain a competitive edge and allow you to reach more people and achieve better results.

Here are some of best-use scenarios for white label marketing (i.e., this is where you’ll get the best bang-for-your-buck)

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM): This is a very popular type private label / white label marketing service. Everyone knows social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even TikTok are essential tools in reaching new customers. In this scenario, you work with a social media expert to create a strategy for your clients and then execute campaigns that deliver results for them. Many agencies also use white label SMM services for their own social media accounts. Highly recommended.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The amount of time that goes into becoming a great SEO is ridiculous and therefore hiring someone, whether in-house or through an agency, is outrageously expensive. Btw, anything less than great SEO is a waste of money and therefore great SEOs are somewhat like celebrities and they command celebrity pay. White label SEOs are a different breed that like perfecting their craft behind the scenes avoiding “sales work” thus price accordinglymore fairly… which is why search engine optimization (SEO) is a hugely popular white-label marketing service. If you don’t know what SEO is, it’s simply the process of optimizing your clients’ webpages and online content so they rank higher than everyone else when people “Google” the things they sell. Although this can be time-consuming and complex, it’s 100% essential for all your clients if they want to be found online. An expert can help you develop a strategy for SEO and implement those strategies, from “starter SEO” to “highly competitive hardcore industrial-strength SEO”, to increase your clients’ visibility and get them in front of the people searching for the goods and services they sell.
  • Reputation Management: With the growth of social media and online reviews, reputation management is a vital part of your clients’ businesses. A reputation expert can help you manage their online reputation and offer white labelled tools to help them handle negative feedback quickly and effectively—oftentimes before their other customers see it) and get lots of 5-star reviews without being awkward and without very much work from them or even you. Reputation management is the underestimated player in the white label marketing lineup but definitely not one you want to let your clients ignore. It’s way easier (and way more affordable) to build a great online reputation for your clients that’ll shield them from bad press or reviews than it is to “undo” a few really bad reviews that stick out and give people cause to think twice and do business with someone else.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC): PPC Advertising is a type of digital marketing in which businesses pay to have their ads appear on search engines and other websites. This is very similar to SEO (see above) but instead of paying someone to optimize your clients’ website and online content, you’re paying Google to make your clients #1 for all their best keywords. That said, it’s not all that simple because if it were, it would be very easy for bad actors to game the system and create horrible experiences for Google’s users. Clearly, a lot of resources and energy needs to go into strategies to make sure your clients’ campaigns are getting in front of the right audiences and seen by the right people, at the right time, at the right Cost Per Click (CPC). In many ways, PPC and CPC specialists are the heroes of search marketing because the amount of knowledge and experience in business intelligence and search engine best practices coupled with their deep deep comfortability with data analytics and on-the-fly decision making, make this critical role extremely difficult and not one that many can dedicate themselves to. So you’re probably asking why is white label PPC a popular solution. The answer is speed and accuracy. Whereas SEO is the bomb (big and brutish; it gets the job done but you can’t really choose what stays and what goes; it’s massively effective but you give up a certain level of control and speed and you need to wait for the dust to clear to know what you have), PPC is a missile that’s sleek and fast and packed with tech so you can program everything about it (it’s obviously pay-to-play so you get to tell Google exactly what keywords you want your clients to come up #1 for and you can also tell them exactly what pages you want prospects to see when they click on to the website). It will likely be substantial investment but for businesses doing it right, it’s one that brings in immediate sales and high returns on investment (ROI). A white label PPC expert can help you create and manage a campaign that will meet your clients’ sales goals, for sure.
  • Content Writing: It is crucial for any business to create high-quality and engaging content online. IF YOU WANT TO GET MORE CUSTOMERS, YOU NEED TO CREATE CONTENT. It’s as simple as that however it can be difficult to produce the content you need to keep social media accounts and websites updated with the fresh that’ll keep attracting people to your website / offer / etc. A quality white label writer can help you develop content plans, strategies, keywords, and even publish the work on your behalf. This is a huge need for businesses in every industry and a great opportunity to grow your business for anyone not already offering writing services to their clients using a white label provider.
  • Web Design: To be successful online you will need a website that converts. This one is very popular as far as white labelling goes but it’s also one I don’t recommend to marketers / agencies that aren’t design oriented. Your clients typically won’t know what they want and will always prioritize what “looks good” to them over what’s going to foster the most sales and create great user experiences. They’ll tell you otherwise, but trust me on this one. Because of that, I only suggest selling white label and private label web design services to marketers and agencies already familiar with selling design services and that have lots of experience properly setting and meeting client’s design expectations. If this is you, then selling websites your white label web designer builds will likely be an incredibly lucrative business for you (moreso if you keep the relationship live by understanding their business model and audience to then provide white label marketing and advertising services once the site goes live).
  • Content Marketing: Content marketing is an inbound marketing strategy that focuses on creating valuable content and keeping customers. A white label expert will help you develop a content strategy for your clients’ website content, sales pages, landing pages, social media, blog posts, e-books, whitepapers, case studies, YouTube videos, or other content.

How to use white label marketing

  • Are your clients generally start-ups that need to build a brand quickly without spending a lots of money? Time is critical for start-ups. It’s important to quickly get their brand out there and generate leads and sales. With so many other things to do, it’s more than likely that they don’t have the time or resources for digital marketing (and neither do you). This is where white label marketing comes in.
  • Do you want to provide marketing services, but lack resources? As a web developer, design agency, or other business service provider, you need to consider offering marketing services to your clients… especially if you find yourself getting questions related to marketing, advertising, or anything to do with their web presence. This is impossible if you don’t have a marketing department. This is where white label marketing comes in.
  • Is your business is expanding into new markets (i.e., Hispanics / LatinX)? It’s essential to be familiar with local customs and culture. It can be hard to understand the local culture and customs from far away. This is where white label marketing comes in. Partnering with an experienced professional that is familiar with your audience will give you the insight and expertise you require.
  • Is yours a small business wants to compete with larger brands and get better contracts? Big brands have an advantage in marketing. They have the resources and people that allows them to keep all their business “in house”. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be competitive. This is where white label marketing comes in. It will help you level the playing field to get the same results and offer the same full-service deals as the big boys.
  • Need a dedicated advertising or marketing campaign to launch a new product or service? Launching new products and services is daunting. It’s important to increase awareness, create interest, and drive sales however it’s difficult to manage all of this by yourself. This is where white label marketing comes in. Outsourcing allows you to focus on the things you are good at while the expert specialists handle the heavy loads.
  • Have you tried your hand at marketing and / or advertising but failed… or got inconsistent results? It’s time to seek professional help. This is where white label marketing comes in.
  • Are you running an established business that’s looking for new ideas to revive growth? Even the most successful businesses experience slow growth and decline. Being able to adapt and turn things around quickly is critical. This is where white label marketing comes in.
  • If you’re unhappy with the results of your current marketing partner(s) and considering changing:

This article will help you to remember some important points.

Businesses can save time and money with white label marketing and advertising.

Businesses can save money on overheads by outsourcing their marketing tasks to behind-the-scenes expert professionals.

White label solutions provide access to advanced marketing strategies and tools, giving you a big advantage.

With a white label partner, you keep everything “in house”, get all the credit, set your own pricing, won’t have to do the actual work, and never lose touch with the client… all while creating margins that work for you and your clients.

White label marketing is a great way to reap the benefits of providing services outside your “wheelhouse”.

A white label marketing professional can help you achieve your goals more efficiently, effectively, and with lower overhead cost.