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Quick notes of thanks from people I’ve helped…

Thank you so much for all your help!
-David S.

Thanks for the help with my Google My Business. It’s all Greek to me ๐Ÿ˜œ. I already have 2 consultations scheduled!
-Sara A.

Thanks for responding to my message. That SEO advice you gave me made a huge improvement. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks mate.
-George H.

Excellent! Thank you again for all your help and had work for us. I saw the invoice and I’ll get to work on it first thing tomorrow.

I couldn’t get WordPress to load the contact form you sent but found another one that works the same. I had no idea my contact page was even broken and why I stopped getting sales. Best website audit ever. Thank you!!
-Annie R.

Thanks for the advice. I switched to DreamHost and set up my WordPress site all by myself๐Ÿ’ช. I’m going to use the $300 I’m saving on guest posts and link building like you said. You’re the best!!!
-Ana V.

I closed my biggest contract this morning. Guy found me on Google. He’s already the 3rd call I got from my Google business profile. From now on I’m doing everything you say. Lol.
-Victor H.

You make it easy to rank our client’s sites. Thanks for giving me the confidence to offer more SEO services!
-Scott L.

Your posts have saved me more than once. Your insight is onpoint and the guides concise and actionable. I would 100% pay you for this information. You need to start charging people for this advice.
-Kevin S.

I love this site! Thank you Ivan. You deliver top quality content for digital marketing and life in general.
-Stephanie C.

Had a great meeting with the board today. I literally repurposed one of your old blogposts as my presentation talking points and everyone finally got it. Looking forward to growing our online operations!
-Ashley G.

Just started reading your guide to Google My Business and I can’t believe how simple it all is. Everyone made me think Google was this big complicated thing and that I couldn’t do it myself inhouse. Pft! So much better compared to the range of local SEO how to’s I’ve worked with.
-Gary N.