Case Study: Lead Generation Chatbot for Callie


This real-life case study outlines the successful buildout of a custom-designed chatbot for Callie. The build aimed to enhance customer engagement and lead generation through an interactive, brand-aligned chatbot.

You can see how it works in the lower right corner of your screen.


Enhance User Engagement

Provide a more interactive and personalized shopping experience for Callie visitors.

Lead Generation

Capture visitor information in exchange for a coupon code, growing the brand’s marketing database.

Brand Consistency

Maintain Callie’s elegant and friendly brand voice throughout the chatbot interaction.


Chatbot Design

Developed a chatbot, CallieBot, embodying Callie’s brand voice—friendly, stylish, and helpful.

Interactive Flow

Crafted a conversation flow that greets users, offers a coupon code in exchange for user details (name and email), and guides them through the shopping process.


Seamlessly integrated the chatbot with Callie’s website, ensuring it was responsive and consistent across all devices.

Testing and Optimization

Conducted extensive A/B testing to refine conversation flows, ensuring maximum engagement and lead capture.


CallieBot demonstrates the effectiveness of a well-designed chatbot in enhancing customer engagement and lead generation. By aligning the chatbot’s tone and functionality with the brand’s identity, the brand can achieve significant improvements in user interaction and business metrics. This case study serves as a testament to our expertise in creating bespoke chatbot solutions that cater to specific business needs and customer expectations.