My Daughter… and Boys

Last night over dinner I was asked how I felt about my daughter “and boys”. For my initial response, see clip below from one of my all-time favorite movies:

For those of you that don’t know, I have a 14 year old daughter.

My wife asked my brother, who has 2 daughters around the same age and after some avoidance maneuvers, the question was kicked back to us.

We’ve talked about this a lot over the years because (A) it’s inevitable we’d eventually have to deal with it and (B) we have a son that’s 3 and a half years older and (C) we wanted to make sure both kids were clear on where we stood with regards to respect, relationships, and self-worth.

Because of that, we knew how to respond… and it was a great response.

It included expectations, respect, understanding (and everything nice) but the response was kind of a “canned” one.

The truth is, we’ve been proactively trying to be the man and woman that we want our kids to surround themselves with and more importantly, who they themselves want to be.

Generous. Confident. Caring. Self-assured. Strong. Kind. Respectful. Honest. Intentional. Steadfast. Creative. Open.

I’ve had moments when I was all of the above and I’ve also failed miserably at times but in the end, I understand my daughter will gravitate to someone that treats her the way I treat her and the way I treat my wife — my son, though he’s his own person, in times of hardship and in times of abundance will also model his actions on what he’s seen in me.

So the truth is, how I feel about my daughter and boys (or even my son and girls) has more to do with how I feel about the job I’ve done as a husband, as a father, as a friend, as a mentor, as a confidant, as a family man, and as a business man.

We all [naturally] lean towards the emotionally easy stuff (which tend to be lazier, selfish, and generally not-that-good-for-us) however in a weird twist of events, having kids has taught me how to be a better businessman and how to provide real value for clients and customers… and in a weird way, I was reminded of that in a profound way last night which made me want to share this “nothing to do with marketing” post.

As always, I hope after reading this you leave with more value / insight / etc. and this was helpful to you in some way — please do let me know in the comments below as I read them all and try to respond to each and every one as quickly as I can.

Also, your comments (and shares) help me to gauge the helpfulness of these posts and my #1 aim is always to HELP AND PROVIDE VALUE IN ALL WAYS AND ALWAYS!


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