Is it worth it to post an as seen on NBC, FOX, CBS, banner on my website?

Whether or not it’s worth posting an “As Seen on NBC, FOX, CBS” banner on your website depends on your specific circumstances and goals.

Here are some potential factors to consider:


Having logos of reputable media outlets on your website can enhance your credibility and give visitors more confidence in your brand. This is especially true if you were actually featured on these networks, as opposed to simply being mentioned in passing or using a press release distribution service (see the list of providers that offer “As Seen on NBC, FOX, CBS” press release services).

Target audience

If your target audience is likely to be impressed by these media logos (i.e., if you’re selling a consumer product or service), then it may be worth including them. However, if your audience is more niche or industry-specific, they may not care as much about mainstream media coverage.


If you don’t have any major media logos to display, there may be other ways to establish credibility on your website. For example, you could highlight customer reviews, industry awards, or social proof (i.e., “trusted by over 10,000 customers”).

Ethical considerations

If you weren’t actually featured on these networks, or if you’re using the logos in a misleading way, it could be seen as unethical or even illegal. Be sure to use the logos appropriately and truthfully.


Bottom line, displaying an “As Seen on NBC, FOX, CBS” banner on your website can be a good way to enhance your credibility and appeal to certain audiences, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Consider your specific circumstances and goals before making a decision… and if you’re looking for more newsworthy substantial visibility, consider turning your blog into a high search engine ranking brand visibility machine!