QUESTION: Is A Digital Marketing Coach Worth It?

No if… you don’t need to make owned media money from what you’re doing. If this is you, you should still keep reading (it’ll be worth your while).

For example, you’ve got a passion about something you really enjoy and while it would be nice if you could turn it into a “side hustle” and make money from it, it’s not important because you already make your money some other way and part of you also thinks you’ll kill your passion if you turn this into a second job.

Yes if… you enjoy what you’re doing and you’d get more enjoyment and motivation to keep going if you saw tangible results like coming up on the 1st page of Google, brand recognition, media referencing and citing your posts, journalists asking for your opinion on relevant topics, random positive reviews, referrals, helping others, etc.

Bottom line, a good marketing coach will help you get to where you’re going much faster (and usually cheaper) than if you do everything yourself.

Realistically, a good marketing coach can even help someone that isn’t interested in making money but does want to use the coach’s expertise to help them get more involved in their passion and connect with others like them.

Here are some simple topics I typically help my coaching customers overcome:

Not knowing how or when to use KEYWORDS

This is a big one.

Balancing the art and science of keyword research and development can be deceptively difficult even for the best marketers.

It’s all fun and games until someone asks you for your top keywords.

Can YOU do the keyword challenge?

Come up with 10 keywords people would search to find your company (your business name and iterations of it only count as ONE).

After you’ve done that, check to see how many of those you’re ranking on Google for… I’ll wait.


The first question I get from EVERYONE thinking about starting a blog is “What do I write about?”

The look on their faces is always the same, too. It’s horror and fear mixed with an anticipation of frustration and high anxiety.

You’ve been in your business most of your professional life and have no idea of how to talk about it? Really?

I’m kidding.

This is also a difficult thing to do and I get MANY marketers with lots of experience that run right into a wall with this one… so don’t feel bad.

Creating actionable content plans for your blog (or your website) to fit what you do, that’s relevant to your audience, and targets the right keywords is something I do very well and also my most popular “service”.

Writing SEO COPY

If you’re not used to doing this, it’ll always be hard to know what to write, make it interesting / relevant, and keep all the technical parts in line with SEO best practices.

Although I tell you how / what to write about, I’m typically asked to do the SEO copywriting for my coaching customers.

A good marketing coach will have the chops (and the willingness) to not only advise, but execute.

Fixing / optimizing GOOGLE ADS CAMPAIGNS

Most Google Ads (PPC) campaigns that are managed inhouse are grossly underperforming.


It’s not your fault. There are tons of reasons for this. Here are a few:

  1. Not enough time
  2. I don’t know enough but too scared to tell anyone
  3. Can’t afford to hire an agency
  4. Too involved in other activities to focus on PPC tasks
  5. Not enough resources / data
  6. Using Google’s “recommendations”
  7. Campaigns are fully automated (self-managed)
  8. I don’t want to get replaced

I could go on forever with the excuses but the fact remains that you’re probably bleeding money and don’t even realize it.

When the truth is finally uncovered, depending on the money lost, people could get fired.

A good coach NEVER wants it to go that way.

In fact, a good marketing coach is great at “uncovering missed opportunities” and can get a Google Ads campaign back on track pretty quickly without ruffling any feathers.

They also use state-of-the-art technology that extracts all relevant campaign data (that puts “Google Recommendations” to shame) so they can really see what’s going on under the hood and see how it all aligns to your various goals.

Finally, a good marketing coach NEVER EVER wants anyone to get fired and is not interested in taking anyone’s job.

Top of mind for me ALL THE TIME when coaching someone is remembering why they hired me in the first place: They want to overcome a challenge so they can move on to other things they’d rather be doing!


People don’t usually hire a marketing coach to build links or find guest posting opportunities but that’s actually one of the most useful and efficient things a marketing coach can do for you.


Read that again… and let it sink in because this is a BIG INSIDER SECRET and anyone that tells you otherwise is at best not in on the secret or at worst, trying to sell you on something that doesn’t work as they say.

There are 4 ways to do link building and guest posting and two of those methods are complete wastes of time and money.

The third way requires a massive amount of your time and unless you can dedicate 40 hours a week to it, I would NEVER recommend it.

A great marketing coach will tell you the 4th and best way AND they’ll know exactly how to structure and implement everything for your individual situation.


Some industries live and die by their IG follower count.

That said, the difference between a good marketing coach and a great one is that they’ll know how to organically grow your follower count with real profiles (who are actually leads for your business).

I know this was a long answer but the question deserved some specific examples to best answer it.

Hope this all helps.