How Do I Customize My Chatbot?

How Do I Customize My Chatbot?

Personalizing Your Chatbot

1. Making It Talk Like You

Just like you’d teach an employee how to greet customers, you can set what the chatbot says. Want it friendly and bubbly? Or professional and direct? You decide.

2. Dressing It Up

Imagine your chatbot as a digital shop assistant. You can choose its colors, design, and even a cute profile picture, so it looks like a part of your business.

3. Teaching It About Your Business

Tell the chatbot about your products, services, and any special deals. This way, when a visitor asks, “Do you have any discounts?”, the chatbot knows the answer.

4. Setting Its Behavior

You can decide when the chatbot says “hello” to a visitor. Right away? After a few minutes? It’s like choosing the best moment for a shop assistant to approach a browsing customer.

5. Guiding Its Conversations

Decide the topics it should talk about. If you’re a bakery, it can chat about cakes and pastries but won’t know about car parts.

6. Aligning With Your Goals

If your goal is to collect email addresses for a newsletter, you can teach the chatbot to ask visitors, “Want 1-pot fast and healthy recipes in your inbox?”


Personalizing a chatbot is like training a new team member. You decide how it looks, talks, and behaves to match your business’ style and goals. It’s all about making it feel like a part of your team.

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