Having Problems Ranking Your School Locally?

The #1 Problem Schools Have Trying To Rank Locally On Google Is Inconsistent Citations

…but inconsistent and incorrect citations are a pain. Lucky for you, we fix that kind of stuff and get you ranking on Google so your school can be found by qualified families for enrollment!

Keep reading to learn why you need to fix your bad citations and what it’s costing your school every day they’re allowed to fester.

What We Do

Local directory listings are an important source of reference for Google and as such, an important factor affecting if and how your school ranks on Google locally.

When you have inconsistent citations however, it can cost your school prominent ranking on Google Maps and on local searches.

Frankly, citations can be a pain. Let us clean them up for you.

School Review Directories and Websites


After going through countless schools’ local campaigns, the one thing we keep seeing over and over again is that the one thing holding schools back from getting prominent Google Maps and getting found locally is having incorrect and / or inconsistent information about the school (which according to David Mihms of SEOMoz, is the #3 negative ranking factor).

This can happen for a number of reasons. Below are just a few reasons a school may have inconsistent information online:

  • The school gets a new address
  • The school gets a new phone number
  • The school has multiple variations of it’s name
  • Aggregators scrape up incorrect information about the school and pass on the incorrect NAP (stands for Name Address Phone)

Bad information about your school can result in big problems and paralyzed rankings. To put it in perspective, consider each citation as a “vote” for your school to rank better.

When these votes go to different NAP combinations, your school loses authority and your chances of getting ranked diminish as well.

If you want your school to rank better, you need to be taking advantage of ALL your listings. That’s why the incorrect and inconsistent ones need to be cleaned up!

This is just one of the solutions we provide in our completely-done-for-you managed search marketing service (though we’ve now made it possible to get this as a stand-alone service if your school isn’t ready or doesn’t need the “big guns” just yet).

So if you want to get found over most competitive schools on local search results and Google Maps, CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW to get started today: