3 Quick SEO Hacks to Boost Your Ranking This Year

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So, you have done all that you possibly could with your site’s SEO – created quality content, optimized it for relevant keywords, created an XML sitemap, garnered a lot of backlinks, and more. But despite all your efforts, you just can’t seem to break past your competitors in Search engine ranking.

I know that frustrating feeling because I myself struggled with SEO when I first started out. Fortunately, over the years, as my knowledge and experience in the field improved, I was able to devise novel ways to bring about massive improvements. The ones I will be sharing here won’t cost you a lot of time or money and neither requires any technical knowledge. So, without further ado, here are 3 quick SEO hacks to immediately boost your search ranking.

#1: Update Old Content

Search engine value content that is fresh. You can keep writing and producing more content, OR you can just update your existing ones – the latter certainly takes less time but delivers the same set of results.

There are a lot of areas where an old post might need an update. It could be that a certain piece of information is now outdated, or more information on the subject has been made available; it could be mistakes with the grammar, or you could add more visual content to enhance its quality.

Updating old content also changes its date, which potentially translates to a higher click-through rate. It’s a fact that people want the latest, most up-to-date content, and thus, would prefer to click on articles that appear to have been published more recently.

#2: Incorporate a Video

This is one type of SEO that is massively underutilized, but when used correctly, holds the potential to bring a massive jump in your search engine rankings. Incorporating video content helps SEO in three main ways:

Increases CTR: Adding video content has been shown to increase in organic search traffic by an average of 157%.

Lowers Bounce Rate: People spend over twice as long on pages featuring a video than those without

Generates backlinks: Adding video improves the quality of your content, and that generally means more chances of acquiring backlinks. I’m not talking about just a few ones here but hundreds of them if you can pull it off correctly.

As with your written content, the video you add will only work towards SEO if it actually brings something of value to the viewer and provokes a strong enough emotional reaction from their side to incite action (e.g., a comment or share). Keep this in mind when judging what type of video to add to your articles.

#3: Stop Using Huge Images

Sure, they make your content amazing but is it really improving the reader’s experience? Most probably, huge images bring harm instead, and by extension, harming your SEO as well.


Well, huge images mean a significantly higher page load time, and thinking from a visitor’s perspective, it can be incredibly frustrating to click on your article seeking a solution only for it take ages to load up.

Consider doing an audit of the images featured on your website and take note of their file size. If image sizes are too big, optimize their size and re-upload them.

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3 Effective Facebook Marketing Tips (for Local Businesses on a budget)

Effective Facebook marketing tips

With 2.7 billion+ monthly users, Facebook is easily among the most potent social media platforms to expand your audience and reach out to potential customers… yet with Facebook becoming increasingly saturated with competition, anyone without a heavy budget will struggle to see success on the platform.

That said, if you have a smaller or limited budget, you can still expand your audience reach and increase your following tremendously by following these 3 effective Facebook marketing tips:

1. Be Interesting

The key to Facebook success (and really social media success, in general) is to create value for your audience.

No one wants to see blatant self-promotion screaming at them on their feeds.

However, we’ll welcome it [ALL DAY!] if it comes in the form of interesting pics, curios facts, valuable data, relevant quotes, or resonating testimonials.

If you’ve been in business for awhile, you’re clearly doing something right.

Dig deep and spend time figuring out what you’re doing right and capture the essence of it in your social media posts.

Do this and you’ll see a DRAMATIC increase in engagement (and ultimately, sales).

2. Post Something Everyday

When it comes to winning on social media, consistency is key.

When doing business online, you always want to stay top-of-the-mind with both prospects AND clients!

You can easily do this with a regular and consistent social posting schedule so that your audience is reminded of you every day.

Btw, this is how big brands became household brands that we all know — when you see a brand like Clorox consistently, over time you end up storing it in your brain and the next time you need to get something REALLY CLEAN or REALLY WHITE, guess what pops right up in your mind?!

Social media, and Facebook specifically, makes it possible for you to do the same thing using this free trick (i.e., posting something everyday) that I guarantee many of your competitors don’t do.

In my own example, during the COVID pandemic, I needed a birthday cake for my 14 year old daughter.

The first place I went was social media, and the baker I used was someone I saw on my feed (Don Brigadeiro).

Here’s what’s so cool about this

…I didn’t even need to search Google because I found what I needed on social!

…had I gone onto Google, I’d have definitely seen other bakers and given choices and options, I’d have probably gotten the cake from someone else and NOT gotten to experience the awesomeness of Don Brigadeiro baker / owner David’s Brazilian brigadeiro cakes!

…finally, even if your local Facebook audience isn’t super huge, you can boost posts (more on this below) and run small ad campaigns so you CAN come up on local people’s feeds!

3. Supercharge Your Best Posts

If you’re looking for a guaranteed way to increase your Facebook engagements and following, boosting posts is likely your #1 option.

FYI, boosting posts is the equivalent of running a small ad campaign using your post as the ad creative.

Facebook offers a really easy way to boost posts and target exactly who you want to see your “ad”.

Remember, Facebook is in the business of making money so it’s in its best interest to have you boost as many posts as possible to the biggest audience but that wouldn’t make sense.

Here’s what you SHOULD do…

Instead of boosting posts arbitrarily, go through your posts and choose the one(s) that performed best and boost that one.

Because it already performed better than the others, you know you’re optimizing and maximizing your chances of it performing well if you boost it.

If those posts were already getting good reach organically, a promotion could will multiply that dramatically.

Of course, if you’re a local business, target the boost to show only to people in your local area.

Regarding duration, I’ve seen the best results after 4-5 days so leave it on for at least 5 days and don’t make any changes during that time.

Regarding ad budget, $100 a day per boosted post (for a small town for as many days as you can afford) is ideal however if that’s too much for you initially, figure out a number you’re comfortable with and work towards that $100/day because the sooner you get in front of more people, the closer you’ll be to becoming a top-of-mind brand that everyone remembers when they need the products / services / etc. you provide.

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Record Activity on Google Search

Working from home image for COVID-19 coronavirus social distancing
Image by 024-657-834 from Pixabay

We’re seeing record search activity on Google these days… and new searcher behaviors, too.

Our latest insights sees trending searches from all over the world.

These are the topics that people need to get through their daily routines and feel inspired in tough times.

As a business owner, you can help guide your audience with relevant content about the topics they’re looking for.

It strengthens your relationship and sets you and your brand as the leader and authority in your field.

So what’s actually trending?!

Here’s a preview:

  • People are baking up a storm and homemade bread is on the rise.
  • Parents need tips to keep their kids entertained and busy while they’re working)
  • Personal care is more personal than ever… and people need help.

It’s easier than you think to be there for your customers—past, present, AND future!

Simple posts on your social media channels (this is what we’re doing on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) are an easy way to do this and all of those platforms let you boost your posts to get on more feeds and reach more people.

Ideally, you can write blog posts (which you’ll share on your socials so this is a 2-for-1 deal) sharing valuable resources, tips, and info so when people search Google, your brand comes up every time!

These are really easy ways to support your community, help your customers and clients, build rapport with new prospects, and adapt / grow your business.

Until next time… ADAPT OR DIE.