A Better School

Create A Better School

[Rainmaker] school doesn’t worry about awareness or interest or enrollments

The concern for them is whether to reject applications or create wait lists

A school that wants more enrollments simultaneously works on becoming a better school

Without that, their “message” is a lie



School Leader Priorities

Your priorities today seldom carry long term importance.

Urgencies from a year ago or even a month ago are gone.

What’s deemed URGENT [many times] gets solved on it’s own, becomes something people learn to live with, or fades.

Knowing you and your school will outlast them, does it make it easier for you to work on the real problems (like getting your message in front of prospective families) instead of the panic?


I Don’t Appreciate Your Business

Happy Thanksgiving (I don’t appreciate your business)

When a business does this, they’re saying they don’t value existing clients or loyalty.

Why not put something like this instead:

30% off
(*loyal clients get 35% off)