More about me

I run ads and buy media for many of the biggest brands in the U.S. for an LA-based global media and technology conglomerate.

We’re the largest 100% Latino-focused digital-first Latinx media company in the country.

I also run a digital marketing consultancy that provides agency-friendly ghostwriting / copywriting, Google Ads Optimization & Management, and SEO.

Even when I’m not at “work”, I’m constantly thinking about how to make things better and provide more value for clients and customers (my wife has heard me “thinking out loud” more times than I can count… which is probably why she doesn’t like taking long road trips).

I’m not a fan of nonsense fluff and prefer things to-the-point and uncomplicated minimal—I always choose practical minimalism in work and life.

I love learning and interested in all things personal growth, things on wheels, music of all types, good food, fancy hotels, road trips in cool cars, irony, taking silly pictures, and spending time with friends and family.

How to buy my services

For bigger media buys, programmatic, or if you’re looking to target a specific U.S. Hispanic / Latinx audience, contact me… otherwise you can buy directly from the Marketing Services & Pricing page.

If you’re not sure what to do, see the Examples Of My Work page—or you can just contact me.

Not important, but people ask…

I’m from NY, born and raised. Currently living in Miami.