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This is my personal website where I freely share my thoughts, opinions, pictures, and whatever else I feel like sharing.

That said, I hope you find this website as helpful, useful, valuable, and enjoyable as I do.

For perspective, I’m a husband and a dad (of a high schooler and a college student) and I’m into cars, music, design, psychology, and people… so it should come as no surprise that I’m also deep into human behavior and marketing.

I like seeing irony, juxtapositions, and really just things that work together despite themselves.

My style can be described as minimalist.

I like simplicity and helping others so I try to reflect that on this website.

There’s no annoying menus or irritating pop ups to get in your way and there aren’t any stupid ads to clutter up your experience.

Because this website is all about experience, I wanted you to be able to easily navigate the site without unnecessary and confusing fluff and frills.

I try to keep things light, lace posts with a little humor, some mild profanity as needed, and just have fun.

I’m interested in everything I post about so if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, recommendations, or even complaints (I have a special place for complaints) feel free to send them my way.

I’m extremely grateful you’re interested enough to make it to this point and genuinely hope enjoy this website and remember to check back regularly for new posts and updates… or you can just follow me on social which is better, faster, and easier.

Links are at the bottom of my home page.

Ivan | @digitalivan