My name is Ivan Jimenez… I like good design, people that do what they say they’re going to do, great marketing, and helping people.

I’m a marketing consultant who believes no business should suffer because they can’t be found when people search for the products and services they provide.

I’ve had lots of success helping people in different industries grow quickly using my proven marketing system and my One Simple Philosophy: FOCUS on what matters. Do it CONSISTENTLY.

As someone who started his first business at 11, bought a commercial cleaning franchise at 19, runs a successful digital marketing consultancy, and has been in the space for 2 decades, I know a thing or two about how to change Google’s perception of a brand and giving [Google’s] algorithm what it needs to see your brand as an authority and leader in your space — even in industries where the competition is bigger and stronger and doesn’t always play nice.

I’ve worked (and still work) with local small business owners, Fortune 500 companies with brands we all know, and entry-level beginner marketers all the way to C-Level marketing managers… consistently proving success for my clients quarter over quarter and year over year.

I don’t say this to brag, but instead to let you know that I’m someone who’s actually done the work, experienced the ups-and-downs, and has the hands-on experience to develop systems that work with consistency and regularity.

Here’s the bragging part…

All my search clients are leaders and authorities in their respective space and dominate the rankings on Google for the products and services they provide.

You can click here to see posts of some of the feedback I get that makes me proud of the work me and my team do and the lives we’re able to change!

If you’re curious about working together, click the button below so I can take a look at what you’re doing and analyze how you look [to Google] online and ultimately tell you what’s holding you back and how to fix it.

Alternatively, if you know exactly what you need and you want to get started ranking on Google ASAP and getting in front of the people looking for what you’re offering, click here to tell me about your business, what you’d like me to help you with, and any add’l questions so I (or someone from my team) can get back to you with answers and next steps to QUICKLY get you from Point A to Point B.