Blog post featured image / picture of RESPECT by Eduardo Ordonez

RESPECT is a deep admiration somebody’s quality, ability, or achievement. I respect you. This is why:

I respect you because of who I am.

I am respectable therefore I respect.

Sure, people may make about me or maybe even to me… it doesn’t matter.

If I need to walk away, I’ll try to do it respectfully.

I respect you because of who you are.

You’re human and you have inherent value.

If you had nothing else, that alone would deserve respect.

I respect you because I value my own opinions and beliefs.

Hard as it may be sometimes, I avoid being impacted by others’ thoughts and biases.

Everyone has an @$$hole and many think theirs’ doesn’t stink. Fact.

I’ll formulate my own decision about how I feel about you.

I respect you because I require the same from you.

I respect myself and won’t tolerate disrespect from anyone else.

I know how to move on…

I’m my own man and need to like and respect who I see looking back at me in the mirror.