Be The Light

Omnipresence makes your school unforgettable, unmistakeable, and unignorable.

Being everywhere and nowhere at the same time (like electricity).

We automatically look for the light switch when we enter a room.

We don’t see electricity but we know it’s there when we need it.

Platforms like Facebook and Google make it easier than ever to achieve omnipresence.

So few schools are taking advantage of this however…


If You Build It They Will Come

If you create a great message qualified families will come to your school to enroll their children

How well do you know your audience? Could you personify her? What are her interests?

More importantly, what keeps her up at night staring at the ceiling not allowing her to sleep?

If you don’t know these things, then what would you possibly have to put in an ad that you expect her to click on?

Only when you know her challenges are you able to convey your own understanding and thus your solutions.

Until then you’re any another school. Just like the others.

If you’re going to invest in anything, you should do it right.

When they said “if you build it they will come”, they were’t talking about just any old ad.


Trick, Treat, or Something ELSE

U.S. Air Force Senior Master Sgt. Richard Crivens, 20th Contracting Squadron superintendent, takes a swing in a round of golf, Shaw Air Force Base, S.C. Oct. 26, 2012.The tournament was raised to help raise money for some holiday events in the upcoming future. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Ashley L. Gardner/ Released)

It was Halloween yesterday and if you have a pulse you’ve been acutely made aware of it.

It was everywhere — some even brought it to your front door. Literally.

Impossible to ignore even if you tried.

If you celebrate Halloween you then you took part in the festivities. If not, then you didn’t… but you still knew it was Halloween.

Marketing a school is kind of the same.

People need to know you exist. They also need to be reminded. A lot.

Technology makes it way easier for schools to get noticed and not be ignored much more efficiently than before (ie., you’re not dependent on print ads and mailers).

If you’re worried families don’t know your school even exists, why not make your school IMPOSSIBLE TO IGNORE?