Month: June 2016

A Dollar More VS A Dollar Less

Consider a race to the top. How can Lyft possibly compete with Uber? Scale is often the secret to a commodity business, and if Lyft races to be ever cheaper than Uber, the only possible […]

What Productivity Systems Will Not Solve

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for the perfect productivity system. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist. The problem isn’t with the productivity system — the problem is that none of them can solve a few […]

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80% Who Know About Ad Blocking Use It

To some, ad blocking is a mortal threat to publishers. To others, it is an overblown fad. More evidence is mounting that ad blocking is more nuisance than existential threat today, but that could easily […]

A new survey found that, among those who are aware of ad blocking, 80 percent block ads on desktop and 46 percent do so on smartphones (suggesting it's just awareness that's holding back higher ad blocking adoption).
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