Why You Should Be Remarketing (and the number 6)

People go to multiple websites and apps to read reviews, comparison shop or look at photos.

It’s no surprise then, that consumers visit websites at least 6 times, on average, in the purchase process.¹

With remarketing, you can re-engage those families who previously visited your site and show them relevant ads while they browse websites and apps or watch videos on YouTube.

Wondering about remarketing numbers?

My clients on average are getting more than double their conversions using remarketing which allows us to use our click spend much more efficiently.

The remarketing outcome?

Our schools are spending far less advertising dollars than other schools who manage their own paid search.

They’re also getting way better results.

In fact, I spoke with a school administrator who was spending 10 to 15 THOUSAND dollars a month on AdWords and was getting the exact same results that I get for 1/3 the ad spend.

The marketing ad spend AND my management fee were less than half what this school was spending on clicks alone!


If you want to get the absolute best from your paid search / advertising tactics, make sure you’re remarketing.

If you’re only doing natural organic SEO, consider adding some pay-per-click remarketing so you can reach and engage with more qualified families for enrollment.

If you think you’re spending too much on clicks, chances are the biggest problem you have is that you’re not utilizing remarketing properly (so a remarketing fix or strategy session will drastically lower your costs and boost your results).

I’ve got a cool little tool that can analyze your AdWords and let you know if you’re wasting money and where you’re losing it. We run this analysis tool for new prospects to determine how much ad spend is being used inefficiently… also to find opportunities that are not being acted on.

If you’d like to know if I can get your school more enrollments by introducing my proven remarketing strategies and most likely save your school some money in the process, reach out to me using the contact info here and send me your name, school’s name, website address, etc. and my team will get that analysis out to you ASAP.

¹ Source: Google/Nielsen Study: Mobile Path to Purchase: Five Key Findings, November 2013.

How To Get More 5-Star Reviews & Amplify Your School Brand

Why Your School Needs Reviews

Almost Everyone Reads Reviews

93% of U.S. consumers check online reviews so you can be sure that whenever someone is looking at a prospective new school, they’re checking online to see if the school has reviews and if the sentiment is a positive one overall. FYI, not having any reviews isn’t a good sign either.

Reviews For Schools Are Trusted

72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family. When it comes to school reviews, that number goes even higher.

Reviews For Schools Are Influential

4 out of 5 consumers have reversed a purchase decision based on negative online reviews. Schools especially suffer when hit with negative reviews.

Good School Reviews Are Under-Represented

Unhappy customers tell an average of 24 people about their experience. Happy ones tell 15 people (usually after being prompted). Unsolicited reviews are typically negative so it makes sense for you to be proactive building your school’s online reputation.

Good Reviews Are Waiting to Happen

90% of typical U.S. consumers read online reviews yet only 6% write them. They’re just waiting for an easy way to do it!

6 Reasons Why Happy People Don’t Write Reviews

  1. “Writing reviews is too tedious”
  2. “I forgot to write the review”
  3. “I have no time”
  4. “No one asked me”
  5. “I didn’t even think about it”
  6. “I don’t know where to write the review”

How to Convert More Happy Customers Into Reviewers

STEP 1: Ask them to write a review

STEP 2: Make the process easy

STEP 3: Follow up with them in a convenient way

The Reputation Solution: A “Review Funnel”

School Review Directories and Websites

How a Review Funnel Works
  1. Ask and remind customers to share their experience online
  2. Drive customers to a destination designed to convert them into reviewers
  3. Guide each reviewer through selecting the best review site and completing a review

Use Multiple Channels To Drive Parents & Students Into The Funnel

Email Drip Campaigns

Automatically email your parent with a drip sequence to encourage reviews!

Website Widgets

Put a review widget on your school’s homepage, blog, or parent resource pages to encourage reviews.

Printed “Invites” & Takeaways

Give parents printed take-aways to encourage reviews.

Convert Parents To Reviewers

STEP 1: Ask For The Review

With a easy-to-use clean landing page, we ask a for a review. Here, we pre-qualify the review to make sure it will be positive!

STEP 2: Review Site Options

Next, we present options on where we want the parent to leave a review.

STEP 3: Review Complete

The parent selects a website and leaves their review.

Identify Unhappy Parents Before They Write A Review

Happy parents are presented with review site options:

Unhappy parents are taken to a private form where you can handle the complain privately via email:

Monitor & Respond To Reviews & Promote Your Positive Reviews

Get Email Alerts For New Reviews

Display Your Positive Reviews To Increase Enrollment Conversions

Awesome Reporting To Track Progress

Unbeatable Features

Review Acquisition

  • Collect school reviews with a customizable landing page
  • Custom website widget
  • Email footer widget
  • Mobile-friendly experience
  • Generates reviews on major review sites
  • Industry-specific sites
  • Collect reviews on site

Review Funnels

  • Automated email funnels
  • SMS messaging
  • Printed review invites for offline integration

Review Monitoring

  • Sends alerts when new reviews are published
  • Alerts include review info and link for response
  • Comprehensively monitors all reviews
  • Monitors all review sites
  • Includes major, minor, and industry-specific sites

Review Marketing

  • Auto-share positive reviews to social media
  • Auto-publish reviews to your website
  • Embed rating with rich-snippet markup
  • Easy embed code
  • Includes aggregate reviews
  • Custom control over review publishing


  • PDF and web-based performance / trend reports
  • Aggregate reports for large, multi-campus schools
  • Reports sent automatically on the schedule you choose

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How To Get Your School On Google Maps

Wondering how to get your school listed on Google Maps? Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to www.google.com/business and sign in (or create a free account)
  2. Search for your school name and address
  3. If your school appears, select it (if not, select “Add your business” and fill out the necessary info)
  4. Click the “Mail me my code” option to receive a verification code by mail within 1-2 weeks
  5. Upon receiving your code, go to business.google.com, select your school’s page, and click the red “Verify now” button to enter your code

And that’s it! Congratulations on claiming your Google Maps listing!