Work Smarter (Not Harder)
I help people get more done by taking care of the critical marketing tasks they’d rather not be doing

Why I do what I do

At 19 I bought a commercial cleaning franchise.

This was my first taste of running a business and despite caring about and servicing my clients better than my competitors, I quickly found out that if I couldn’t invest money to get new clients and grow my business, then I really didn’t have a business.

I learned a lot and did manage to grow my business and found a niche catering to the businesses in New York City that no one else wanted was going after.

Plastic Surgeons and Seafood Restaurants.

Try to imagine gallons of liquified human body fat, recently suctioned out of someone, sitting there in an office, hours long after the A/C is turned off.

Then there were the restaurants…

I remember one client of mine who had a particularly large oyster bar and by 3am, all the shucked oysters that had fallen on the floor were pretty much encrusted into the rubber mats and onto the floor underneath.

It was so bad, my entire crew of workers quit on me (more than once) leaving me to spend entire nights cleaning and scrubbing the most disgusting things you could imagine and prying shells from piles of heavy rubber floor mats after a long day of mandatory economics classes and an eight hour shift at a busy Madison Avenue coffee shop.

You see, to fund my entrepreneurship, I had to work full time while being a full-time Finance undergrad as well.

As difficult as it all was, and believe me it was tough, I learned the importance of “hustle”, client service, genuinely caring, and delivering on a promise even when it meant putting a clients’ needs before my own.

I learned how to find clients and customers even when it looked like there were none.

I also learned how to be a killer copywriter—how to create a message that speaks to you in a way that lets you know I am familiar with your situation, understand your pain, and know how to relieve that pain and get you from where you are (not feeling good about your situation) to where you want to be (feeling great about your new / current situation).

Eventually, I grew my client base enough to quit my full-time job at the cafe and was #2 for a huge contract to provide the commercial cleaning for an entire floor of the World Trade Center.

Fortunately, someone underbid me on that one and it was the 2nd time I evaded potentially being in / at the Twin Towers on 9/11 (that’s another story for another day; maybe I’ll write about that in another post).

Anyway, I ended up selling my franchise and at 22 y/old moved to Miami to start a new commercial cleaning business.

I made myself a promise that I’d take everything I’d learned and build an empire.

It didn’t happen in the commercial cleaning space (I quickly learned the industry in Miami was very different than in NYC) and actually, it didn’t happen for awhile but along the way, I would keep learning and helping lots of people grow their businesses.

Eight years later, two life-changing things happened in my life.

My grandmother, the center of my family and coming up on her much anticipated 80th birthday, is leaving her bank and gets brutally attacked and robbed.

It’s all over the news. It’s really bad.

After a month of intense suffering and battling the injuries of an unbelievably brutal beating, she dies.

My world is shattered.

After a mix of feelings and emotions, I decided life was too short to live without a sense of real purpose and genuine fulfillment (neither of which I was getting from my at-the-time job which although paid well, had me promoting things I didn’t necessarily stand behind and at times working with people I didn’t like or respect).

I decided I wanted to help people in a more purposeful and meaningful way and the best way I knew how to do it was with all the knowledge I’d acquired in advertising, marketing, and digital media.

I decided to work on building a digital advertising and marketing company that would help people fix their digital marketing and advertising problems.

The foundation for the company started to take form and I deliberately built it the way I wanted it, piece by piece, on nights and weekends and when my full-time job allowed.

Round 2: the 2nd hit comes…

The company I’m working for starts massively laying off people in waves.

Full departments gone. People in their 50’s and 60’s that had only worked in this one place their whole life, now without jobs.

People crying in the hallways. It was bad.

After the third or fourth wave, people stopped crying and everyone became numb.

Eventually the whole office is liquidated and I find myself unemployed.

I decided it was time to officially launch my online marketing company (which was good for me because these layoffs were happening everywhere and that meant advertising / marketing departments were getting leaner and in many cases, not able to keep up with work).

As teams got smaller, marketing directors were getting bombarded.

Inevitably, things were falling in the cracks. Critical work was being neglected and the problem was compounding.

I saw an opportunity that needed to be filled and had this idea that I could run a successful marketing company helping people fix their marketing and advertising problems at a fair price and still be profitable.

Additionally, I could sleep well at night knowing I’m helping people promote and highlight how their products / services are making life better for others.

It was a WIN-WIN.

It was a slow process but in 2015, SMARTER CLICKS MEDIA officially launches with two clients.

The marketing company continues to grow steadily with an amazing team of talented individuals working remotely from all over the country (and even some from other parts of the world).

Through our work, SMARTER CLICKS MEDIA pays homage to my grandmother’s memory and honors her strength, courage, tenacity, love, kindness, and service.

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