About Me

private school digital marketing expertI believe good schools shouldn’t fail due to ineffective marketing.

— Ivan, digital marketing expert



I’m an entrepreneur born and raised in New York City and Long Island. I moved to Miami in ’99 where I became an accidental marketer building my own distribution business.

Though I say “accidental”, the truth is marketing was my calling. It allowed me to help others succeed and I loved that I could use the internet to make it more accountable, optimizable, scalable, and 1000’s of times more powerful!!

I quickly realized “digital” was the future and dove headfirst into mastering search and advertising algorithms, how people behave online, what motivates them to take certain actions, and helping people become successful online by highlighting how their products and services positively affect people’s lives.

My passion brought me to SWISSLOGIC, a digital media consultancy, which I co-run with my longtime friend and creative genius.


Helping schools cut through their marketing clutter and grow using solid / proven strategies is what I love doing.

I advocate for education and feel it’s every parent’s responsibility to give their children the best Pre K-12 education possible and to do so, they need to know that good schools exist — many times right under their noses.

My mission is to make sure good schools all over the country that are struggling with enrollments are able to get their best message in front of the people that need them.

I’ve personally managed millions of dollars of ad spend on behalf of clients and been able to consistently prove ROI.

I know my stuff and I’m the best at what I do.

I know how to identify what’s stopping a client from reaching their goals and putting together the right people and resources to hit those goals consistently.

When schools struggle, programs and services are cut. Pride goes down. Families stop re-enrolling. Eventually doors get closed. It’s a vicious circle.

People hire me because I can help them get to where they need to be quickly, because I’ve helped others in situations similar to theirs and turned things around for them 180 degrees, and because I have a proven system that works.

I’m not a rockstar or a ninja — just an honest and reliable person who knows how to get your Pre K-12 school dominating Google and in front of qualified families for enrollment.

If you’re a school owner or administrator struggling with enrollments and want to get more of them consistently and with predictability, click the button below.

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